Ferris at Emerald Bay

Ferris is an Airedale born on April 17, 2006.   He was named after the character Ferris Bueller, from the classic 1986 John Hughes film, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".  Ferris takes after his namesake in his mischievous deceitfulness and interest in "Days Off" (i.e. he's quite lazy).

He was part of a litter of seven puppies, he's the one with the yellow ribbon.

Puppy Ring

His mother is a champion showdog, whose name is "Pretty Tuesday".  His grandfather on his father's side is also a champion, and just so happens to also be his grandfather on his mother's side.  Uncle Daddy's name is "Jimi".  Despite this pedigree, we're not exactly dog show people.

Ferris' Arrival

We first saw Ferris, well we saw the set of puppies, at age four weeks.  They were color coded, but Patty, the breeder, wasn't sure which puppy she wanted to sell to us to be "just a pet".  I.e. we were going to get the "dregs of the litter". Patty, the breeder, has several grown Airedales she shows for her kennel, "Avalonaire". 

We made a few trips to the Avalonaire Kennels in Oakdale, CA, which is about 2/3 of the way from our house to Yosemite.  At the time this appeared to be the only Airedale litter in the state of California.

We took Ferris home, at about 8 weeks. 

Ferris at about 8 weeks

Ferris has grown quite a bit since that time (about 4 months later)...

Ferris at 6 mos.

Note also that Ferris has a lot less black fur and more brownish red fur. 

Sam Waterston, Raised by Airedales?

We've decided that Ferris bears a striking resemblance to Sam Waterston.  Could it be he was raised by Airedales?

Sam Waterston

Not Quite Right

There's something about Ferris' stubborn attitude and overall laziness which is well captured in this James Thurber cartoon.

Nobody knew exactly what was the matter with him

Ferris Videos

These aren't great, they were taken with a cell phone (Treo 650), but they're all we got...

Note that they are posted on YouTube, which was founded by a couple of my former colleagues at PayPal.

Learning to walk down the stairs:

Enjoying peanut butter:

More Ferris files...