InetPix goes to Washington D.C

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It was a pleasure to visit our Nation's Capitol. And imagine my delight finding handy illustrations right on the back of the money in my wallet! It would appear that the tree on the right of the White House has grown a bit.

The Hertz NeverLost System

Well worth the $6/day in entertainment value if not functionality, this nifty little talking GPS gadget, was like having HAL in your car giving directions. Or I should qualify this to say, like HAL after Dave began yanking boards off his backplane.

Pictured here, Dana attempts to reconcile the NeverLost's advice with Hertz's poorly drawn written map.

Favorite quote from the NeverLost, "make first legal U-turn".

The color LCD display did a decent job of indicating what road you were on and how far away from your next turn you were. It did occasionally get confused and indicate that the car was apparently driving through rivers, across on-ramps and other oddities.

Don't throw out your paper maps just yet...

The Mall

Time didn't allow any museum visits, but a quick jaunt around the Capitol mall was entertaining.

Sights worth photographing included:

Jefferson Memorial


If you ever arrive at the Air and Space Museum after closing, use the premise that you are there to see the Imax movie. This stays open an hour later than the museum itself, but is housed in with everything else.
Also in this area is the I.M. Pei designed National Gallery of Art (East Bldg.). Aside from the large glass enclosed main entry way (which was unfortunately closed), the sharp angular side of the building is its most prominent feature.